An-Nur Islamic Marriage Media – Muslim Matrimonial Media in Bangladesh

Khan Mansion, 6th Floor, Ga/14/1, 100 yards North of Subastu Najar Vallay, Shahjadpur Bus Stand, Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

+88 01727-209497, +88 01817-526423

An-Nur Islamic Marriage Media

– An institute for finding your perfect match mate of Saheeh Aqeeda.

A Muslim matrimonial media / marriage media for Bangladeshi and Non Resident Bangladeshi (NRB) Bride and Groom.

Services :

  • Matchmaking for muttaqi / practicing muslim Bride or Grooms
  • Works for divorced, separated, widowed, aged brothers and sisters
  • Pre and post marriage counseling services

Terms and Conditions to get Membership :

  • We do work for brothers and sisters of Deen who :
  • Who are not follower/ mureed of any Peer.
  • Who does not visit any kind of shrine or place of Bida’ah.
  • Who does not use any amulet/ Tameemah/ Taweez.
  • Who are regular in their Salaah.
  • Who don’t support/ take any kind of dowry.
  • Who earn their livelihood in halal way.
  • Who follows Shaheeh Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (May peace be upon him) who wants to marry in accordance to the Islamic Shari’ah.
  • Who wants to avoid wedding arrangements those are against Islamic culture.

Membership / Fees :
Bride or Groom living in Bangladesh – File opening charge BDT 5000.
Bride or Groom living outside Bangladesh – File opening charge BDT 10,000.

AnNur Islamic Marriage Media

Address :
Khan Mansion, (5th floor), Ga/14/1,
100 yards North of Subastu Najar Vallay,
Shahjadpur Bus Stand, Gulshan-2,
Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh.
Mobile : +88 01727 209497
Email : [email protected]
Web Address : | |

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