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Specialized for Customized Cake with Home Delivery. Order homemade cakes online in Bangladesh.

Tomorrow’ Menu :


1.Mewaa gajor laddu 20/- per pc
2.Maskat haluwa 200/- per bx*
3.Booter haluwa 250/- per bx*
4.Shahi tukra 200/- per bx*
5.Rabrri 250/- per bx*
6.Snow ball (Dimer haluwa) 250/- per bx*
7.Gajorer haluwa 250/- per bx*
8.Peper haluwa 175/- per bx*
9.Shahi firnee 250/- per bx*
10.Pudding 25/- per pc


1.Chicken bread roll 20/- per pc
2.Bread cram roll 12/- per pc
3.Spring roll 10/- per pc
4.Owntonn 20/- per pc
5.Fried Chicken 40/- per pc
6.Daal puri 8/- per pc


1.Tok jhaal jolpai 200/- per bx*
2.Makhano jolpai achar 150/- per bx*
3.Amer achar 200/- per bx*
4.Roshun-tatuler achar 300/- per bx*


1.Dahee fuchka 150/- 15pc
2.Chat maasala 150/- per bx*
3.Pani puri 120/- 15pc
4.Dahi bara 100/- 4pc
5.Raj kachori 100/- per bx*
6.Chawmin 100/- per bx*
7.Chicken Fried rice 150/- per bx*
8.Chopsuye 180/- per bx*
9.Tomato garlic Sauce 90/- per 350ml

Place your order three days prior to delivery date.
** Home delivery at reasonable charges.
** There will be no delivery charge for above 1500/- purchase.

Address :
Jamal Garden, Senpara Parbata, Mirpur, Dhaka-1216, Bangladesh.
Phone : +88 01713-187602, +88 01617-951715
Email : ashrafuzzaman963[at]
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