A. T. Haque Ltd – Haque Group of Industries

37, Sahid Tajuddinn Ahmed Sarani, Tejgaon (New) 340-341, Tejgaon Industrial Area (Old), Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh


A. T. Haque Ltd. – Haque Group of Industries

A. T. Haque is one of the largest and oldest biscuit, chips, confectionary, soap and battery manufacturers in Bangladesh since 1947. Started it’s business as a distributor of famous British biscuit giant Huntley & Palmers and battery giant Union Carbide. Haque has now 600+ widespread distribution network all over the country.

Concerns :
– Haque Food Industries Ltd.
– Haque Ltd.
– Haque Carbide Ltd.
– Haque Drycell Ltd.
– Junu Beach Resort Ltd.
– Haque Recreational Products Ltd.
– Haque Imperial Properties Ltd.
– World Travelers.

Products :

Specialities :
Halal Products (Biscuits, Wafer & Chips – certified by Islamic Foundation, Bangladesh) | Special Diet products | Confectionery & Snack Products | Private Label | Biscuits | Dry Goods | Ethnic Food | Health/Wellness Products | Exports Worldwide

Biscuit & Cookies
Mr. Cookie, New Cream Crackers, Milk Marie, Mr. Milk & Tasty Milk, Mr. Energy, Digestive & Digestive Chocolate Biscuit, Bourbon, Fata Futty, Choco Nutty, Zeera Bite, HAQUE-G & Haque Milk Tikki, Glucose Biscuit, Mister Coconut, Double Cream, Horliks, Gem, Sooper Creamy, Lemon Chocolate Biscuit, Choco Nutty Pie, Salty Star, Super Bite, Romancio, Kheer Malai, Sor Malai, Checkers, La’ Butter and Haque Toast

Chips & Confectionary
Chips & Crackers – Potato Crackers, Wasabi & Cheese Potato Crackers, Tarzan & Jane Chips, Giant Jumbo Bar, Pingo Potato Chips, Pillow Chocolate Chips, Krackomon Chips, Pop Chips.
Wafer – Ding Dong, Crunch Chocolate Coated Wafer, Mr. Wafer, Nic Nac, Haque Dairy Milk.
Snacks – Mukhorochok Jhal Chanacur, Mukhorochok Jomfa Chanacur, Mukhorochok Jhal Motorvaja.
Powder Drinks – Orange Energy
Others – Miss Tetul, Haque Stick Noodles, Haque Lachchha.

Battery & Soap
Battery – Haque Battery
Soap – Rose Soap & Jasmine Soap, Man Soul, Silky Soap, Ocean Spray, Haque
Oud Soap.

Address :

Haque Group of Industries
Haque Center,
37, Sahid Tajuddinn Ahmed Sarani, Tejgaon (New)
340-341, Tejgaon Industrial Area (Old),
Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh.
Phone : +88-02-8891540
Opinions / Complaints / Suggestions : +88-0196-9999 022
Website : www.athaque.com | Facebook

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